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Committees have a unique challenge unlike other types of groups. After committee meetings, the communication usually stops or relies almost solely on email. This causes incredible disorganization with information which can lead to miscommunications and failed projects. More importantly, it can give you a headache considering that committee involvement isn’t the only thing you have on your plate. Social HubSite solves this problem by giving you the ability to sort conversations throughout all the committees that make up your organization. Features such as group document sharing, group projects and group meetings help you get things done within your committees and make life a little more enjoyable.

Painless Document Sharing

Organizing and sharing committee documents with committee members can be a painful experience without the right sequence of tools working for you. Social HubSite provides you with the right set of tools to upload, store, sort and notify committee members when documents are uploaded and edited. Documents can be shared within individual committee groups or to all members of your Social HubSite. Documents are also searchable from anywhere inside of your Social HubSite.

Manage Committee Projects

There are several excellent project management applications available. The problem for committee-based organizations is that many of these applications require committee members to create a separate account and for someone within your organization to create and manage projects within the application. Social HubSite takes the best aspects of these project management applications and integrates them seamlessly within your committee groups. Allow individual committee leaders to create projects within groups. Show project activity from one central dashboard, along with other relevant and important communications. Simply put, Social HubSite takes the headache out of managing committee projects.

Manage Committee Meetings

Managing meetings across all of the committees that make up your organization can seam like a part-time job. Tracking RSVP’s, handling re-curring meetings, notifying committee members of new meetings and meeting changes is time-consuming unless you have the right set of tools handling the work for you. Social HubSite makes it easy for you to publish meetings, notify committee members, track RSVP’s and a number of other meeting tasks all in one place. Forget the days of relying solely on email to manage your committee meetings. Bring it all into one place, your Social HubSite.

Core Feature Sets

A key blend of only the essential community management, project management and publishing tools.


Allow members to connect with each other.


Keep engagement relevant to everyone.


Share videos, audio, pictures, etc.


Manage projects within your community.


Post events and accept RSVP’s.


One central place to find documents.

Premium add-on features are available to extend the functionality of your Social HubSite.


Plans to accommodate membership organizations of any size.

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We are a team all sharing in the vision of helping organizations that serve a greater good achieve their mission.

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Featured Success Stories

Find out how Social HubSite is working for other membership organizations.


Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association

A success story on increasing member engagement.

The Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA) has 2 conferences (spring and fall) throughout the year. These conferences offer excellent educational and networking opportunities for members. PBBA noticed a trending decline in attendance to their conferences starting in 2013. The only method of marketing the conferences used before was through their email marketing software.


National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania

A success story on improving member communication.

The National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania (NUCA of PA) is an association made up not only of utility contractors, but also a government relationship committee, safety committee, affiliate members and associate members. The challenge they faced before using Social HubSite was reaching out to members to make them aware of timely information that members needed to act on, updates on progress with government relations and many other areas.


Execupay Licensee Association

A success story on increasing membership value.

The Execupay Licensee Association is comprised of licensees of Execupay, a software for payroll professionals. A key aspect of the association is collaboration from members to vote on new software feature suggestions, share reports, ask/answer questions and to discuss other issues. Before Social HubSite, managing all of these aspects became challenging considering that most web platforms only handled one or a few aspects of what they needed (e.g. documenting feature suggestions, managing questions, user group forums, sharing documents, etc.).


The Arc of Dauphin County

A success story on improving member communication.

The Arc of Dauphin County, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is an organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life and community integration for individuals with special needs. A large part of how they communicate and get things done is through their board, volunteers and committees. Before Social HubSite, their communication internally with these various groups was scattered. Sharing of important documents took place through an FTP site. This forced communication around documents to take place via email and became fragmented causing participation from the various groups to decline.

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