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Committees have a unique challenge unlike other types of groups. Most committee members are spread out and don’t share the same physical space which has naturally caused email to become a primary form of communication. The problem with solely relying on email as a way to work with committees is how quickly things start to get disorganized.
With Social HubSite, all of your communications with committee members are shared and stored in one place. Think documents. Think tasks. Think meetings. Think member messages back and forth. Your Social HubSite will become the only place you’ll need to share and collaborate with all the committees that make up your organization.

Efficiently organize committee meetings

Managing meetings across all the committees that make up your organization can seam like a full-time job. Notifying committee members of new meetings and meeting changes is time-consuming unless you have the right set of tools handling the work for you.
Social HubSite provides a simple and easy way for you to publish meetings and notify committee members all from one place. Forget the days of relying solely on email to manage meetings. Forget the days of using over-complicated software to handle the simplicity of a committee meeting. Make your life easier and start using Social HubSite as one place to share and notify members of meetings.

Relieve the headache of committee projects

Managing committee projects can give you a headache. The more committees you oversee, the worse the headache becomes. Most project management software solutions are too complicated for what committees need to do to complete successful projects. Not to mention, separate project management software requires a separate login for committee members which by itself can be a deterring factor in actually using it.
Social HubSite relieves this headache by providing you with a simple and easy-to-use project management solution that works directly with all the committees you have setup in the system. No more inviting members to join your project and having to remember everyone’s email. Simply create a project, assign it to a committee and start assigning tasks. Committee members can also add their comments along the way making it easier to keep track of everything going on in each project, all from one place.

Painless document sharing w/ committee members

Organizing and sharing documents with committee members can be a painful experience. Most of the time documents are shared via email attachments. Committee members have different versions of documents which can cause major mis-communications along the way. Documents need updated, but there is no solid way to notify members of the edits and where to access the document.
Social HubSite removes this pain by providing you with a document sharing tool built for committees. Upload, store, sort and notify members when documents are uploaded and edited. The system even keeps track of document versions. Documents permissions allow you to assign documents to committee groups and give certain members access to edit documents. Documents are also searchable from anywhere inside of your Social HubSite. No matter where you go, Social HubSite becomes one place where committee members go to access documents.

Hold committee members accountable

Committees struggle with getting members to respond and follow through. Committee members are usually spread out geographically. They have other full-time responsibilities. Life gets in the way. Committee responsibilities sometimes end up low on the priority list. Existing collaboration softwares assume that members are seeing and responding to communications. They are built for teams, not committees.
To overcome this challenge, the Social HubSite team is currently working on adding ways to refine features that support holding committee members accountable. Features such as finding out who has and has not read that document, task, meeting or update you shared. Turning on automated follow up notifications to committee members that haven’t read these communications. We are working hard to add ways within Social HubSite that give you the ability to hold committee members accountable, get them to respond and ultimately, get things done faster.


A key blend of essential collaboration tools built specifically for committee-based organizations.

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