Your community is set up. Now it’s time to get the conversations and relationship-building started.


We’ve all been a part of corny ice breakers and uncomfortable team building exercises. Luckily, the conversation starters you use in your community doesn’t have to be like those! Instead, give one of these a go!

  1. Simple Introductions

If your community is new, as in brand new, stick with what’s easy. A simple introduction…ask members to share who they are, where they’re from and what they do. Easy.

  1. Meme-Questions

Run a quick search for conversation-starting memes like this one! Post it and provide your answer…see if your community follows suit. Boom Social has some great conversation starters here.


  1. Current Events

What’s going on in the news (word of advice…avoid politics!)? Something relating to your industry? Share the story you found and ask for responses (remember the importance of calls to action that we discussed last week!).

  1. Your Own Content

What content could you produce to share with your community? It doesn’t have to be long, in-depth or heavily researched…just something relating to your association. Share it and ask for reactions!

  1. Photos

They can be funny, they can be from your last event or something else entirely. But, we live in a visual world…this is even more true online. Share photos with your community to spark conversations! Take it one step farther with a “caption this” comment!


The great thing about the Internet is that it’s never been easier to find information. This includes famous quotes. Consider posting one each week and asking a follow-up question!

  1. Statistics

Just like quotes, it’s easier than ever to find off the wall or shocking statistics. Share them and see what happens!

  1. Opinion Questions

Why not ask your community for questions relating to your association – events, upcoming directional options or something else? There’s nothing easier than asking questions to elicit responses.

  1. Contests

If you can do it on the larger social networks, you can do it inside your Social HubSite. Host a contest where each response (it can be text, a photo or something else) counts as an entry!

  1. Events

Why not generate excitement WITH your conversations? Start to get the buzz started leading up to an upcoming association event. Share the details and connect key members. Ask who will be attending and what they’re most excited about. Events are natural conversation starters.

  1. Play a Game

Because conversations are like chains, it’s easy to get a game started. Do something simple…ask someone to post a picture of something (example: something blue on your desk). When they do it, have them pick something someone else should share. Mindless? Yes. Perfect for a digital community conversation? Yes.

  1. Support

Chances are, members of your community will need support – possibly for something completely unrelated to your association – from time to time. From personal losses, to illnesses to other events, communities can rally alongside one another when the unexpected happens. You can facilitate this inside your community – turning it into something more than just a place to share association news. If someone could use some support, get their permission and share. You’ll see connections form quickly as an added bonus.

  1. Share How-To Information

Chances are, your members belong to your association, not just to network, but, to learn. They are looking for ways to improve their businesses, hobbies or interests. You can facilitate this by sharing how-to guides and information. Once it’s shared, ask for other tips relating to the topic at hand. You may learn a thing or two! (Other great specific prompts available from Single Grain!)

  1. Offer Opportunities to Share Businesses

Maybe your members work around the same industry, but in different roles. You can facilitate business building (a valuable member benefit!) by starting conversations where members can share their business information and connect with others.


Your community members want to connect. They want to share. They want to be a part of the association they’ve joined! Make it happen with the conversation starters above!

Looking for the perfect place to start your community? Need some support? Schedule a live demo with Social HubSite today! Everything we do is with associations like yours in mind!

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