You have a blog. Great! But, what do your followers think about what you say? What impact do your words have? How far are your posts reaching? Is it time for a change? Any ideas?

While blogging is quickly becoming an established business necessity and is a quick way to reach out to an attentive audience, there are ways to enhance your efforts. Read below for more.

1. Change your presentation.

How many blogs do you follow? How many did you research before starting your own? Regardless of your answers, chances are you’ve seen a lot of text and similar formatting options. Is it effective? Yes. Is it groundbreaking? No.

In the ever-changing world of blogging and social media, followers and clients are looking for something new…something out of the ordinary. The answer? Video blogs.

Using a video blog with built-in recording capabilities requires no extra effort on your part, but allows your followers to interact with you and become familiar with you on a whole new level. Not only is this an effective branding tool, it’s a way to simply stand out in a world that’s making that feat increasingly harder to accomplish.

2. Track your results.

Having a blog is great. But, understanding your reach is crucial for long term success. Be sure your platform allows you to track and measure your results.

Pay attention to where your followers are coming from, what posts are most popular, and where your posts are being shared. If your platform does not allow this to happen, you’re missing out. You expect your business to produce measurable results, your blog should be no different.

3. Encourage participation.

Do your followers take the time to comment on what you have to say and share? If they do, great…are you responding?

If they aren’t, change it (yes…you are able to do this on your own!). Ask questions in your posts, throw in a contest for responses every now and then…even call out individual followers on issues you know are relevant to them.

Whatever method you decide to use, this step is critical for success. Even more important though, is the way you take the time to respond. A successful blog is a blog that engages and engagement is not a one-way street. Participation is absolutely crucial.

4. Aim to go viral.

No, you can’t produce all-star content and guarantee it has the potential to go viral. However, you can take a few steps to make this at least a possibility.

Follow hot topics and add a unique spin. Share your blog posts on various social media platforms. Link your posts to your e-mail for mass distribution. Be controversial (when appropriate, of course). Encourage your followers to share your posts.

No matter what: think outside the box.

By taking these 4 steps, your blog has a decent shot at standing out among your competition (especially when coupled with relevant, valuable content). Take the time to examine your current efforts…is their room for improvement? If so, get started today!

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