You have an online community…you understand the importance of regular posting, growth, engagement and all the other aspects that go into it. But…have you taken the time to evaluate your discussions?

Are your members taking the time to reach out? To discuss meaningful topics that surround your brand or community’s purpose? If not, trouble could be up ahead. One of the most important predictors of an online community’s future growth and success is the level of detailed discussion between members.

Prevent communication from ever stalling in the first place and get things moving! Below are a few discussion topics to boost the participation of your community’s members.


Encourage new members to introduce themselves…or encourage current members to describe themselves in 10 words or less. It’s proven…people like to talk about themselves. Give them the opportunity to do so!

Introductions allow members to put a story behind a face and name. It makes them more likely to comment on future posts, especially if they feel welcomed during their introduction process. See a new member? Call them out! Encourage them to introduce themselves by starting a new discussion.


What are hot topics surrounding your company, brand or industry? If you’re not sure, seek them out. Look for news stories that are relevant to your business. If your community members are interested enough in what you do to join your community, they’ll be interested in these stories as well.

Ask them to discuss, to share their opinions. You’ll be amazed at how fast the discussion takes off. Bonus benefit? You will establish your community as the place to go for the latest news and information.

Product Uses

Does your company sell a product or service? If so, reach out to your community to share creative ways they’ve used your product. Better yet? Ask them to post photos!

By allowing your members to share ways they’ve used your products or services, you’re building a testimonial page (with little to no effort) and bridging gaps.

Why You’re Here

Past the introduction phase? Other conversations stalling? Go back to the members will talk about themselves method of thought and try again.

Ask community members to share why they’re a part of your community. You may receive some surprising responses that may give you insight into your community and even future marketing tactics.


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