According to the Social Media Examiner, a top upcoming trend for companies is social media consolidation. I agree wholeheartedly and touched on this in yesterday’s post. Chances are you understand the need for this…the need for all your social media activities to be easily viewed in a single screen (check out Social HubSite’s Social Hub platform to easily take this step).

But, making the most of this endeavor will take some work. Follow the 4 steps below to make the most of your business’s social Hub.


While your clients, potential customers and followers will be able to use your business’s Hub to view all your social media activity, it’s still important that you provide variety.

Think of what features each social media platform brings to the table and use each feature to your advantage. YouTube is obvious: video. Twitter: status updates and retweets of fan and follower Tweets. Facebook: company updates, photos, statuses. Pinterest: product photos and links to information. Foursquare: meeting check-ins, location posts. The list could go on and on.

As you can see, various networks are important. None is all encompassing, but as a group they can be. To make the most of your Hub, be sure to use the best feature each network has to offer. Because they’ll all show on your page, variety is key!

Create Unique Content

Just because you’re streamlining your social media activity into an easy-to-use platform, it’s not time to sit back and let things happen on their own, or to recycle old content. It is still your duty to create unique content that is relevant and interesting to your clients and customers.

To stand out in today’s social media culture, being unique is important. Be sure to stay on top of industry hot topics and to be useful (this is a common theme in a log of my posts). Don’t broadcast your business 24-7, instead post relevant content that reminds users of your business while providing information that’s helpful and informative.

Think Outside the Box

Consolidating your social media content into one site allows you think outside of the box a little more. Because your Hub visitors are able to instantly view a variety of content from various networks, you’re free to be creative.

Cater to your followers; retweet what they have to say for viewing on your Hub; pin blogs that are important to your industry; share status updates from important news stations, etc. Whatever you do, think outside the box.

Allow your visitors to participate by creating YouTube videos that you share, hold contests, open your site for questions and share the feed on your Hub. Incorporate humor, host a photo contest! Use every network to your advantage.

Focus on the User Experience

In every endeavor, be sure to focus on your user experience. Be sure to remember to use variety. A page full of tweets is no different than sending a client to your Twitter profile. Be sure to provide incentives for repeat visits.

The online world is no different than your physical store or office. You want your clients and customers to choose to spend their time with your business on your site. To understand your message and to engage as much as possible.

Consolidating social media activity is a growing, important trend. Don’t miss out, start an effective Social Hub for your business today.

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