summerSummer is here. For many of us, that means that the kids are home from school, vacation planning is in full effect and a focus on relaxation has taken over. As a business owner or member of an association or organization, maybe you’re not sure of how you should change up your online routine to keep up with the changing goals of your target market and audience members. The good news is that, contrary to popular belief, summer offers an excellent opportunity to engage, share and connect that can be hard to come by during the long winter months. Check out a few reasons below.

1.       Change is an Opportunity

When a routine changes, like the change that accompanies longer days, less workday stress and more family time, people naturally look for ways to supplement what they’re already doing. They look for new opportunities and ways to connect with groups that have been overlooked lately. They look for ways to improve – similarly to the way the new year brings about resolutions and new goals. Why not take advantage of this by trying to incorporate “long-lost” community members by bringing them back into the “inner circle” of your community?

2.       Boost Summer Event Attendance

Whether you’re a brick and mortar business looking for a way to promote a special offer, or a membership organization hosting a fundraiser, sometimes a standard newsletter or email just isn’t enough, especially as schedules start to fill up over the summer. By incorporating event information into your community – through a calendar and regular updates – you’re keeping your community members informed while increasing excitement. This raises the potential for higher summer event attendance; who wouldn’t want that?

3.       You Can Create an Oasis

Whether your community members and potential members are busy traveling for the summer or just spending a lot of time dreaming about it, the bottom line is the same: people need a break. Why not create an oasis that allows for an escape through your online community? By creating opportunities to engage in a relaxed, open forum, members can connect with each other – and your brand – in a social network that could be a much-needed break from everyday stressors.

4.       Host Special Contests and Promotions

Just like all other areas of marketing, summer offers digital community managers an easy way to incorporate summer into promotions and even community-based contests. Consider creating a photo contest that focuses on ways to relax, special community interests – rave outdoor runs, travel opportunities, outdoor cooking and so on – or anything else that relates to your brand in one way or another. By offering a special prize or promotion for participation, you’re increasing opportunities for engagement while giving members a reason to return to your digital community on a regular basis.

5.       Ride the Summer High

Who doesn’t feel better during the summer? Your members certainly do. Why not incorporate that summer high into your community? By gauging the overall sentiment of your community members and boosting positivity at every opportunity – think infographics, memes, motivational phrases and images and more – you can take those feelings of positivity and transfer them into your community.

Summer is a time to refocus – that means the time to take a deeper look at your digital community and to look for new ways to engage is essential. Your community could grow and relationships could deepen by making a few tweaks to your current strategy and by putting the focus back on community member engagement. Not sure where to start? Try out Social HubSite today!


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