Setting up an E-Commerce site is great way to boost online revenue. However, simply having a store isn’t going to attract buyers and increase sales. There are specific steps you can take today to maximize your online sales potential through your E-Commerce site.

Choose the Right Domain Name

Every move you make from the start of your E-Commerce site forward matters. This includes choosing the right domain name. Think of something easy to remember and relevant to your business.

Being direct matters. If a domain name is too long or cumbersome, some visitors may not even bother. Think of how it sounds when spoken out loud. Is it something you could verbally share with others without an in-depth description or spelling note? If so, you’re on your way.

Display Accurate Photos

Just like any purchase, customers want to see what they’re purchasing. Whether you hire a professional, or take photos yourself, be sure each item has a corresponding photo in your shop. Be sure the photos are accurate and match the item you’re displaying perfectly. If different color options or design options exist, try to include photos of each.

In some cases, what you’re selling may be a service, or something intangible that makes a photo impossible. If this situation is yours, visit a stock photo site and purchase images to use. Photos make your site more visually appealing, and show your customers that their purchases are important to you.

Include In-Depth Specifications

In some cases, photos may not cut it. Photos may make the images look smaller or larger than reality. They may not show some of the detail that matters. Because of this, it’s important to leave in-depth specifications with each product you sell. Important information includes: dimensions, weight, shipping weight, how the item is shipped (assembled or not), whether batteries or other equipment is required for use, etc.

Clearly share any information you would want to be aware of if you were a customer. In most cases, more information is best.

Allow Customers to Leave Reviews

The theme here in the previous points is transparency. You want your customers to feel a sense of security in knowing that when they purchase something from your E-Commerce store, they will be satisfied with the final outcome or product. Because of this, customer reviews are essential.

Allow your customers to rate their purchases and leave descriptions. Sure, this may be nerve-wracking. However, it’s crucial. If negative reviews exist, resist the urge to delete them. Instead, take the time to respond and right the wrong that may have been done. Doing so may actually turn dissatisfied customers into repeat business. Thank customers for the positive reviews! Be involved with every step of your online business.

Practice Solid Business Practices

Just like the point above illustrate, solid business practices are essential for long-term growth and overall success. Some other practices to put into effect include:

  • Ensuring a fast turn-around time;
  • Offering various shipping options;
  • Making it easy for customers to contact you with questions and concerns;
  • Responding to those questions and concerns;
  • Offering high-quality products at all times;
  • Providing warranties when possible; and
  • Doing all you can to ensure customer satisfaction.

By putting real effort into your E-Commerce site, your customers are likely to return and refer you to others. Growth is literally a few clicks away.

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