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With all of the reasons to include social networking in your marketing strategy, there’s no doubt that doing so is critically important. But, how do you take steps to turn your website into a socially integrate experience? Follow the tips below.

1. Reimagine your Design

Step back and take a look at your current site’s design. What feeling do you get when you click through the pages. Is the navigation clear? Is the site current and modern? Most importantly, does it mimic social networking sites? It might seem like a strange question, but, your visitors likely spend the majority of their online time on social networking sites. They’re familiar with the layouts and with the options available on the site. If you want your company’s website to be a social experience, you need to take a look at what it has to offer based on what your potential visitors are already comfortable with.

2. Include Social Sharing Buttons

Making sure your pages, posts and content can be shared across traditional social networking sites, and that your visitors can find your business’s page on those sites is an important step toward achieving viral status.

3. Focus On Content

Content should be a central focus of your marketing strategy…this includes website content. Having an active blog that is regularly updated with valuable, relevant content is important. It allows your customers to get to know you before ever contacting you personally. It makes a level of connection that’s deeper than what can be established through standard web pages possible.

4. Turn Content into an Email Campaign

If you’re spending the time creating content, it’s important to make sure that it reaches the largest number of people possible. In addition to sharing across traditional social networks, share your content through an automated email campaign that targets specific, segmented email lists.

5. Study Analytics

Make an effort to study  your sites analytics. Measure each campaign and take a look at what works and what doesn’t. Make sure your analytics are built into your site’s framework and easily accessible. If you’re not sure what this means, contact Social HubSite.

6. Share Special Offers

You want to be sure that your website gives visitors a reason to revisit and therefore reengage. One of the biggest drivers? Special offers. Offer discounts, coupons and specials to visitors of your website, allow them to share information on their own networks to drive more visitors.

7. Stay Consistent

Regardless of the techniques and tactics that you employ, making sure you place a regular effort on staying up to date on social media news and changes, and new ways to engage your target market is important. Prioritizing your online social initiatives are a critical aspect of growing businesses.

Looking for ways to make your site more social? Want to engage your community? Contact Social HubSite to learn how today!

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