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HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) recently announced a partnership with Harrisburg-based firm, Phase 2 Solutions, to provide Phase 2’s Social HubSite platform to PANO member organizations across the state. The cloud-based solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of nonprofits to help boost productivity, empower committees and increase collaboration from anywhere.

By marrying relevant association documents, calendars and contacts with a social media-type environment, Social HubSite helps members increase connectivity and easily manage projects and committee objectives.

PANO is engaging with this platform to better organize the way groups and committees share updates, organize meetings, manage projects and share documents as they launch it with their nearly 900 members.

“So much of mainstream cloud-based collaboration solutions focus on how internal teams work, and not how committees in nonprofits work. They support one or two aspects around how committees work, but require the user to decipher the features. We’ve found this to be the reason why nonprofits struggle to get committee members to respond through these systems.

We decided to focus our efforts on owning a very small corner of the cloud-based collaboration market which is projected to be a 42.57 billion dollar market in 2021 according to BusinessWire. We’ve decided to shift 100% of our focus on system design and innovation around how committees work to solve the problems that nonprofits face with getting committee members to adopt cloud-based collaboration software.

PANO serves as a great partner and advisor to us as we continue to progress with this level of focus toward nonprofit organizations,” said Jason Verdelli, CEO of Phase 2 Solutions and Founder of Social HubSite.

“We were looking for a cost-effective way to virtually manage the Standards for Excellence Accreditation process, Standards for Excellence Committee and the various projects jointly worked on through our Consultant Collaborative. Many solutions required work-arounds to best meet our needs or they were not secure.

Social HubSite is flexible, affordable and designed to meet the unique needs of PANO and how we work. We believe it can meet the needs of other organizations who have volunteer board and committees. Jason has worked tirelessly to make this a win-win for our members,” said Anne Gingerich, Executive Director at PANO.

Last week PANO released free Social HubSite accounts to all member organizations. The free account includes access to all platform features: access for 10 members, unlimited groups, projects, meetings and documents, dedicated support and 50MB of storage. Members have the option to upgrade their free Social HubSite at a discounted rate as their usage grows for additional platform benefits.

Phase 2 Solutions has plans to release additional features that focus on simplifying communication management within committees, such as automatic check-ins and accountability notifications.

Jason Verdelli and PANO will present a free webinar, The 4 Building Blocks You Need to Achieve Your Mission in a Digital Age, on Tuesday, February 28. The webinar will cover a framework for building a communications strategy that drives you closer to achieving your mission, as well as information on this new partnership and member benefits. Register to learn more today.

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PANO, a statewide membership organization serving over 890 nonprofits, amplifies the impact of the community benefit sector through advocacy, collaboration, learning and support. PANO highlights the critical role nonprofits serve and walks alongside and supports organizations and individuals working to improve the quality of life in communities throughout Pennsylvania. To learn more about PANO, please visit:


Phase 2 Solutions is a Harrisburg, PA based-technology company. Its founder, Jason Verdelli, developed Social HubSite as a platform that provides nonprofit organizations with a member collaboration platform that is designed to simplify the communications process between committee and group members. Verdelli recognized the challenges nonprofits and committee-based associations often face and worked to create an affordable tool that enables collaboration and specifically addresses the needs of this particular niche group. For more information, visit


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