Features of a Successful E-Commerce Site

Running an E-Commerce site might be the perfect endeavor for you, your company or your organization. Chances are, you’re right. But, before jumping in and waiting for the sales, there are a few steps you should take along with some features you should take advantage of. Be sure to utilize the following tools, features and […]

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Is An E-Commerce Site Right For Your Business?

Maybe physical product sales are central to your business’s daily operations; maybe you haven’t considered selling products and services at all. Regardless of your company’s situation, setting up an e-commerce site may be the most beneficial step you’ve taken in a long time, maybe ever. E-Commerce Sites provide a low-maintenance way to make sales and […]

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Make the Most of Your Pay-For-Access Site: Keep It Simple

Too often, users log into sites, are bombarded with a million options of where to start, what to do and how to participate. Though your goal may be to encourage participation of any type, the actual result may be much different: an online “community” of users who don’t know where to start. They become “watchers” […]

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Customer Feedback: What’s Your Motivation?

Customer feedback is essential, not only does it give the end-user a chance to reach out (both positively and negatively), it allows your company to react and grow. But, how do you see it? Is it a necessary evil? Something to take care of and move on? Or, do you see it as a chance […]

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Setting Your Price Point

Social HubSite makes it easy to set up an online community-based pay-for-access membership site. From business and life coaches to trainers, bloggers and speakers, many individuals and companies have a need for a way to earn revenue online. Online clients are out there, probably searching for the services you offer. They need direction and a […]

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Building an Online Coaching Business: Are You Ready?

Coaches come in many forms…from life coaches to fitness and nutrition coaches, sometimes people just need a little push from someone else. Regardless of your area of specialty, as a coach one thing is certain: you are an expert in high demand. While your physical clients benefit from your expertise, your potential audience may be […]

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