9 major Social HubSite feature releases you can’t work without

Today, we are very excited to announce 9 major feature releases that are going to help you get more done in less time with the groups of people around you. These feature releases support many of the problems that we all face when it comes to getting things done with the multiple groups of people […]

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Sorting Content Just Got Easier Inside of Your Social HubSite

I am very excited to announce a new feature release that makes sorting status updates inside of your Social HubSite much easier. Through the use of hash tags inside status updates, you will be able to develop a system of categorization making it easier to find discussions through the built-in search tool. See an example below. […]

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Major Feature Release that Your Association Communications Director Will Love

Managing your associations social media just got easier As an association, you know that managing the way you engage, share and connect with members is NOT an easy task. You have to not only decide what to share, but how to share it, when to share it, who to share it with, etc. Social media […]

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The Association Social Media Death Trap – How to Escape It

Associations have a problem. A very big problem that is only going to get worse by the day as the social media continues to create noise and distractions. These distractions lead to a lack of FOCUSED ENGAGEMENT. The constant lack of focused engagement is what I call the “Social Media Death Trap”. Let’s dive in and […]

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Announcing New Email Analytics Feature

You asked for it and we delivered. I am very excited to announce that we released a new feature for every Social HubSite that will give you the ability to see detailed email analytics for all sent emails. Posting an update to a committee or your entire membership? Want to see who opened it and even […]

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Why Create a Private Social Network for Your Referral Sources?

Why most businesses struggle growing past a certain point Most businesses struggle in growing past a certain level for 2 major reasons. They rely solely on generating new business from the people within their organization or rely too heavily on outbound forms of marketing (billboards, online advertising, etc.). Needless to say, they rely on expensive […]

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