New Theme: Earn Revenue by Sharing Your Expertise

Are you looking for an easier way to make money by simply sharing your expertise? If so, we have a perfect solution for you. Today we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new online community platform theme, Pay-for-Access Membership Site. This theme is designed to make it simple and easy to run […]

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Pine Street Presbyterian Church

Pine Street Presbyterian Church is a mid-sized church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With a congregation of approximately 250-300 individuals of a mostly-older demographic, the church was looking for  a way to branch out into the community while deepening internal engagement. They were looking for ways to effectively communicate who they were, where they were going and […]

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What’s the Real Value of an Online Community that Money Can’t Buy?

It’s funny, when I talk about online communities to a for-profit business somewhere in the conversation return-on-investment comes up. When I talk about online communities to a membership driven organization the conversation focuses more on how it will help better serve the mission of the organization. This made me think about the true motivations behind […]

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The 4 Principles of Creating a Culture of Community in a Digital Age

In today’s world the opportunities to communicate and network are mind boggling. Social networks are continuing to grow in size. The number of popular social networks is also continuing to grow. Standing alone, these conditions make it very difficult for your organization to focus your community (prospects, clients, fans, etc.) into any one area on […]

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Who Are the People that Make Up Your Community?

In the last post I touched on the 4 P’s of any online community surrounding your organization which are Purpose, People, Platform and Process. Today I am going to cover an important aspect of People and why it plays such an important role in achieving your goals as an organization. Without engaging the people around your […]

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Because of Your Community…

Building a community around your company,  mission and vision is much more important you think. It is a real representation of your brand. It is the fuel to achieving your vision. It empowers those that support your vision with a sense of belonging around the purpose you give to your community. A great example of this […]

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