Professional Referral Exchange

Professional Referral Exchange (PRE) is a national business referral organization headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The organization’s mission is to practice business networking between members. Each member assists other member businesses by providing referrals on a regular basis, which ensures mutual success. PRE consists of 37 chapters. Each chapter meets on a weekly basis. PRE faced […]

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Phase 2 Solutions

Phase 2 Solutions Phase 2 Solutions is a Harrisburg, PA-based online marketing company specializing in providing online community solutions to various individuals and organization. Because of the nature of online marketing, Phase 2 Solutions works regularly with numerous clients at one time and is comprised of employees working remotely (across the country at some times). […]

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Defining What Success Means to You in Business and Your Online Community – Interview with Carol Roth

Below is an interview I did with Carol Roth, New York Times Bestselling author of “The Entrepreneur Equation“. A lot of what I talk about with online communities is knowing your goals and purpose no matter what organization or business you are involved in. This interview will help you find out what success really means […]

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