What does your digital community say about you?

Large social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) are great for expanding your network and to help grow your community, but they fail miserably at 3 things. Purpose. Focus. Value. Go ahead and ask 5 of your friends/colleagues what the purpose of say Facebook is and I bet you will get 5 different answers.  Let’s dive […]

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Calling All Membership Associations: What Your Members Need From You

Regardless of the structure of your organization or company, it’s likely that from time to time, you need a way to communicate with different groups, those that work for or with you, and those on the outside. Your struggle is difficult, but not completely unique. It’s an age-old complication for a reason: without individuals working together, […]

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How Clubs and Associations Can Break Through the Challenges of Raising Funds Using a Social HubSite

Clubs and Associations have 2 major challenges. The first, developing an efficient and effective communication system with its members. The second, fundraising. The good news is that these two challenges can be solved with one solution. For Clubs and Associations, a Social HubSite becomes that one place to organize communication with members. Think events. Think […]

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Blogging is Dead and Why You Should Care

The idea of blogging is excellent. Share valuable and relevant information that people will find valuable. As a result, build a strong loyal following. Sounds great right? The problem with blogging on its own One fundamental problem, as I see it, is that blogging is all about building an AUDIENCE. One way communication. I write […]

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The Importance of Internal Brand Unity

The company landscape and operational structure of today is different from the norm of even 3 years ago. Very few companies exist with a single office location in which all employees work 9-5. It’s changed. Today, employees spend more time on the go and out of office than ever, it’s common for employees of a […]

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Evaluate Your Week

It’s a crazy time of year. Nothing can take away from that statement. But, that doesn’t mean your content marketing, community engagement and social media efforts need to slide. In fact, the craziness can be a motivator. Think about it, at no other point in the year are customers looking for specific products and services […]

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