Top Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofit Organizations in 2017

If you are part of a nonprofit organization, there is no question that fundraising is one of your top challenge, if not your biggest challenge overall. The National Council of Nonprofits released an excellent article covering the results of several different studies related to fundraising. To sum up the reports, studies show that nonprofits are […]

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Twitter Handles Every Nonprofit Should Follow in 2017

Nonprofits face many challenges. Fundraising, sustainability, member engagement just to name a few. There are many different ways to successfully overcome these same challenges, but for most nonprofit leaders, getting the time away from the day-to-day operations to strategize can be in itself a challenge. This is where I see Twitter serving a purpose. Small […]

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3 Major Feature Releases to Transform the Way Nonprofits Work

Today I’m very proud to announce a trio of major feature releases to the Social HubSite platform that will transform how nonprofits work with their members and committees. Over the past 6 months we have been working very closely with nonprofits to uncover some of the major challenges holding them back from achieving their mission. […]

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Choosing the Right Platform to Get Your Committee Members to Respond

I talk with non-profit leaders every single day and ask the question, “What is one of your greatest challenges with committees?” One of the answers I get just about every time is getting committee members to respond. This is a major issue considering that, for most non-profit organizations, committees are the driving force behind achieving […]

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A Headache-Proof Way to Schedule Meetings with Members

Whether your part of a committee, department or team, you know how much of a pain scheduling meetings can be. You know how it goes. You send out a calendar invite to say 10 people that should be in your meeting. You get notified every time someone RSVP’s, however the problem is some of the […]

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Interview w/ Chad Barger: How to Avoid Meetings & Maximize Those You Can’t

Non-profits need to be extremely careful when it comes to how they allocate their time and resources. Too many times, non-profits get stuck in unnecessary staff meetings or email strings that take away from valuable time with potential donors. Knowing how to decided when meeting are necessary, and, when they aren’t, can been the difference […]

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