How to avoid ‘reply-by-all’ email hell and be more productive with your members

Problem: Solely relying on email as a form of communication with your membership causes an incredible inefficiency and increases the likelihood of miscommunication making it harder to achieve your mission. Situation: Reply by all email hell. We’ve all been there. If you’ve served on a committee of any kind, I’m sure you can relate. Email […]

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How to increase revenue by offering affiliate members an exclusive publishing opportunity

Problem: Associations have a hidden gem that can open up revenue streams quickly, but usually fail to exploit it. Situation: I’ve been a member of many associations in the past and really struggled with the concept of dropping 1K+ on a booth at a conference or sponsoring an event on top of whatever membership fee […]

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How to Grow Your Membership through a Member Ambassador Program

Growing your membership and increasing revenue doesn’t have to be a hard task. As a matter of fact, it could be the easiest thing you do as an association. You provide value. You have existing members that understand that value. By implementing a member ambassador (referral) program you can exponentially grow your membership without spending […]

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What does marketing automation mean for your association?

Associations face a major problem when it comes to growth. Limited time and limited resources. Software can help augment tasks to save time, but when you start using multiple systems to get things done it can get expensive and can actually take more time to manage. Think about importing and exporting your member database from […]

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How to Remove the Headache of Managing Committee Projects Using Social HubSite

Managing projects within a committee can be a real pain in the you know what. The committee probably meets on a regular basis. Someone takes notes. Members are assigned specific tasks. Then, everyone leaves the meeting and real life kicks in, shifting focus away from the great ideas and tasks that were shared during the meeting. Since […]

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How to create an incredible member sign up page using Social HubSite

Level: Moderate to Advanced Whether your building a private social network for your company, team or membership organization, there is one thing that is absolutely critical: focus. Members need to know the purpose of your online community. Members need to know what the community is going to do for them. What real benefit does it […]

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