Top 5 Fundraising Tips for Non-Profits…From the Experts

You have a goal. You know what you need for your association, club or non-profit to take it to the next level. While you’re not sure exactly what it entails…you know that you need successful fundraising to make it happen. Great. Maybe you have a few ideas to get there. But…what does it really look […]

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Eliminate “I Never Saw the Update-itis”

“I never saw that update.” “The e-mail must not have come through.” “Was I copied on that?” “Nope, I didn’t see that deadline.” “I thought you knew where I was at.” This list could literally go on. And on. And on. The best – or worst – part is that every single person who’s tried […]

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Announcement: Social HubSite Partners with PANO to Provide Cloud Solution to Power Committee Collaboration

Press release details below: HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) recently announced a partnership with Harrisburg-based firm, Phase 2 Solutions, to provide Phase 2’s Social HubSite platform to PANO member organizations across the state. The cloud-based solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of nonprofits to help boost productivity, empower […]

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Committee Projects? Get More Done in 8 Easy Steps

The thought of what I’m about to bring up brings dread to the chairs of many committees. You’re in a meeting and someone comes up with a great idea. In the beginning, you’re excited, you see the potential and you can’t wait for it all to fall into place. Then you step back. You realize […]

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The One Step You’re Missing that’s Critical for Increasing Usage Rates

All new initiatives can come with some form of frustration, this is especially true when it comes to trying to get your members – even key players – involved in a new online community or with a new product. It makes sense. People are busy. They have a lot to do, and over the past […]

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Why Your Membership Management System is Just the Beginning

How do you keep your membership active? How do you manage who’s in, who’s out and what’s coming next? If you’re like most associations, it all starts with your membership management system. Before the digital revolution, associations were responsible for keeping books, for tracking everything by hand, for calling members and sending letters when appropriate. […]

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