5 Ways to Simplify Your Next Group Meeting

Meetings are hard. Meetings that run on schedule are even harder. Why? To keep your association running, it’s inevitable. From time to time, you need to meet with your members, and your member groups need to get together. Online communities are great, but quarterly or yearly meetings are fairly unavoidable. To add to the stress, […]

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Getting Your Committees on Board the Community Train

I’ve said it once…okay maybe a few times more than that…before, but here’s the thing: your committee members are BUSY. They likely spend a lot of time doing things that have nothing to do with your non-profit association – they work full time hours, they have families, they have favorite activities. The time they invest […]

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Social HubSite and Evrconnect Announce Project Collaboration to Refine how Non-Profits Accomplish Tasks in the Cloud

Today, Social HubSite, a Harrisburg-based business focused on supporting non-profit associations across the country, announced a project-based collaboration with the well-known online software provider, Evrconnect, based in Akron, Ohio. The teams will be working together to help the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association advance their mission by integrating their current website and management systems – […]

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How do you Educate your Community?

  You’ve invited your committee members into your Social HubSite community because they are critical to the functioning of your non-profit association. They’re your bread and butter; they’re what keep your association moving forward in a cohesive manner. Because of this, you probably see education as last on your list of priorities…if it even makes […]

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Social HubSite Makes Groundbreaking Offer to Associations and Non-Profits

We have news. Big news. As an association or non-profit director or manager, this is going to change the way you connect with your committees like nothing has before. Are you ready? We’re pleased to announce that, going forward, Social HubSite – a one-of-a-kind social engagement and publishing platform –  will provide free accounts to […]

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Providing Support to Your Community

Welcome to part 3 of our community management series! We’re glad you’re here. You know that community management matters. You want to take your community to the next level…but you’re stuck in the “where do I go from here?” phase. In our last piece, we discussed sharing your “who” with your community and all that […]

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