Are You Taking Advantage of Blogging Opportunities?

Released by Transformation Marketing, the latest research shows positive statistics for businesses. In fact, the majority of businesses across the country – 60% –  have caught on to the idea that blogging is not just a passing trend, it’s something valuable, something that’s here to stay. Look at the numbers across the top of the […]

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Social Media’s Place in Our Lives

What started as a site to connect college students on one campus to their classmates has grown into something far, far more. It’s become a part of our culture, a part of the majority of online users’ everyday action and interaction…something more important than many other norms, habits or even thoughts. It’s become who we […]

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Social Websites – The Importance of Simplicity

We all understand the need for social websites. The ability to connect and engage your target community by reaching them where they are through a medium that interests them is important. It’s why social networks have become the most popular way to spend time online; the trend is only growing and doesn’t seem to be […]

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Building a New Social Network With WordPress

Social Networking and Social Media is more popular than ever. It’s become a way to share lives, follow breaking news in real-time and even to connect with long-lost contacts. But, it’s a lot more than that. As a business owner, you probably understand the potential social networks have for reaching new contacts and expanding your […]

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The Hidden Costs of Website Design

  From the front end, designing a website, especially a “free” website may seem like a straight forward, simple process that requires little or no investment (of finances and time). But, far too often, “free” website services are not free at all, or come with so many limits that the process can become frustrating and […]

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Want to Set Up A Network of WordPress Sites?

In some instances, setting up a network of WordPress sites is absolutely critical. Whether you have multiple clients to satisfy or are looking to create something totally outside of the box, there are many reasons to build multiple sites. But, it can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you are new to WordPress or just […]

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