Sharing Your “Who”: Going Deeper for Community Success

My last post was fairly broad, an overview of various ways to take your community management strategy to the next level. But, as promised, we’re going to review each of my points in a deeper manner. So, without further ado, let’s jump in. Bullet number 1 was all about sharing your “Who.” I mentioned that […]

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Community Management…Where Do You Start? A Few Goals to Get You Started.

Standard social media networks want you to believe one thing; they want you to believe that if you use their platform like everyone else, that you’ll be an instant success and that everything will fall together perfectly. Regardless of the purpose you have in place for your community, there’s one thing that you need to […]

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5 Signs of a Thriving Online Community

Have you been working on building your online community for awhile now? Wondering if it’s going like it should? What are your metrics? Are you going by what “feels” right? How about how your community compares to similar communities? Something else entirely? If you’re just going by your gut, you’re not alone. In fact, measuring […]

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Use Your Social HubSite to Plan Your Next Conference! 10 Tips for Success:

All too often, conferences are a dreaded necessity for associations of all shapes and sizes. You need a way to connect with members, to vote on critical issues, to discuss the future and to make plans. There’s just no way out. Sometimes these conferences happen annually, sometimes they’re monthly. Regardless of how often they occur, […]

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Creating an Online Course for Your Association Members

You’re constantly looking for ways to add value for members. You want them to receive tangible benefits that make their memberships make sense…it’s what keeps them renewing each year and is vital to the future success of your trade association. One great option that’s frequently overlooked? Online training courses. Think about the purpose of your […]

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14 Conversation Starters for Your Community

Your community is set up. Now it’s time to get the conversations and relationship-building started. Great…how? We’ve all been a part of corny ice breakers and uncomfortable team building exercises. Luckily, the conversation starters you use in your community doesn’t have to be like those! Instead, give one of these a go! Simple Introductions If […]

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