An Overlooked Member Benefit: Is Your Association Missing It?

When you think about the value that your association brings to your members, you probably think in dollars and cents. This is logical: if a member is going to spend $100, $500 or more per year on membership, you want to be sure that what you provide makes that spend worth it. You want to […]

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A Common Association Problem with Two Possible Approaches

The cartoon above by Amanda Kaiser illustrates a common problem that many associations are currently facing – especially well-established associations that have been around for some time. We’ve seen it time and time again here at Social HubSite. The situation is this: your members’ environments are changing. They have less money to work with and […]

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Connecting Your Community for the Holiday

It’s here. The holiday rush has arrived. Forget the lazy days of summer and the easy pace of fall, the holiday season is upon us and everyone is officially in “go” mode. Your community members are no different. As a community manager, this makes this time of year especially tricky to navigate. How do you attract […]

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Why Your Organization Needs a New Approach…Now

Maybe you’ve been doing what you’ve always done as far as recruiting task force and other group members. Maybe it’s worked well, at least until recently. Maybe now you’re spending a lot of time wondering why your efforts are less effective than they have been in the past and what’s different. The answer is simple: […]

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The Key to Successful Committees in Your Association

If your association is like most associations, you have a board that is full of committees. From membership and public relations committees to fundraising and legislative committees, your board may not even be able to take action unless that action is proposed by a committee. For professional associations of all shapes and sizes, this can […]

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7 Tips for Making Your Next Membership Drive a Success

Membership drives are the bread and butter of any association. Regardless of your format, whether you’re a standalone association or one with a federated structure, if you aren’t bringing in new members that you eventually retain, your numbers will stay stagnant or – worse – drop. Perhaps you’ve hit a rough patch and are looking […]

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