Social HubSite is constantly looking for ways to improve our own business operations and processes as well as those of our clients. We understand that running a business of any kind brings with it challenges that are unique and that solutions are essential for smooth growth.

One of the areas most businesses, especially service-oriented ones, need assistance is proposal and contract writing, sending and finalizing. Whether working with individual clients or large corporations, finding a way to create proposals that are professional, easy to follow and clear is important.

After testing, previewing and using multiple sites, we’ve come to a conclusion; if you’re looking for a proposal creator, Bidsketch is the product you should try today.


According to their site, Bidsketch was founded in 2009 in south Florida. Since that small start, the company has grown to service over 1000 paying customers and to assist them in creating millions of dollars in new business

With a focus on customer service, usability and educating users, they’ve built a solid business that provides a key tool that’s easy to use and multi-functional.


Proposals: Using one of Bidsketch’s paid plans, users are able to create custom proposals that outline the services to be provided, the responsibilities of each party and more.

Formatting: Boilerplate proposal types included in the software outline various areas that different types of proposals should focus on. Each proposal includes built-in line items and text that can be modified to meet individual needs. Additionally, extra, custom sections can be added to any proposal quickly and seamlessly.

Tracking: One of the most important aspects a business must focus on is overall success of a specific campaign or campaigns over time. Bidsketch’s history tool demonstrates the overall approval rating of past campaigns, which can help in creating future proposals. Additionally, users can see where each proposal falls in the process (if it has been received, reviewed, signed, etc.).

Security: Contracts and proposals often contain secure information, if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a need for a proposal in the first place. Encryption tools ensure that only users you select are able to view the documents, ensuring your information is kept safe and secure.

The Bigger Picture

When it comes to social media and social sharing, Social HubSite believes in programs that are easy to use, easy to share and easy to integrate. Bidsketch meets all of these criteria.

Adding Users: Proposal creators are able to add multiple users to each proposal. Users are able to comment, request modifications and more. Additionally, landing pages can be created to allow clients to view proposals online. Clients are able to e-sign contracts to allow for quick turnarounds.

Integration: Because Bidsketch creates proposals, something else is needed to carry out the process, including creating invoices and collecting payment. For this, Bidsketch works with Freshbooks, exporting data to make invoice creation a simple, linked, one-step process.

Personalization: Users are able to upload their own logos to personalize contracts and to change language to meet their specific needs. Because branding is an essential aspect of doing business today, this feature is impressive.


Bidsketch seems to believe in their product (as users, Social HubSite agrees with this mentality). Interested users can try the product for free for 14 days, before moving into a premium plan. Plans range from $29-$149/month. For many businesses this is a worthwhile investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bidsketch, check out their site today.

Want to learn more about integrating Bidsketch into your Social HubSite? Contact us today!

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