Blogging matters. It’s why Social HubSite created our “Better Blog Platform” in the first place. We believe that targeted content that allows readers to engage with a brand is paramount to building a successful online business or promoting a business online.

But, knowing where to start can be problematic. What content matters? How do you get your message across in a way that interests readers and drives more web traffic? We found this infographic from The Social Media Panel and thought it was worth sharing.

While writing a blog can seem like a monstrous, stressful effort, when other blogging activities are accounted for, it amounts to a mere 10% of overall effort. Not so bad, right? Ways to make this work in your favor, as demonstrated in the graphic include setting up the right blog, on the right platform (think power, think social, think connections…Social HubSite), taking steps to understand the features at your disposal, learn a little bit about keywords and how to make them work to your advantage and learn how to promote your brand on more traditional social media sites.

By taking the time to understand your blog’s purpose and how it can serve your target demographic, you’ll be way ahead of the game. Getting started is the first step. Jump on in today!

Ready to start your blog but need a little guidance? Looking for a content service that will meet your needs without adding another to-do item to your agenda? Contact our team today.



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