Coaches come in many forms…from life coaches to fitness and nutrition coaches, sometimes people just need a little push from someone else. Regardless of your area of specialty, as a coach one thing is certain: you are an expert in high demand.

While your physical clients benefit from your expertise, your potential audience may be much broader than you have previously imagined. With a broader audience comes the potential for a higher revenue stream. Where is this audience? Online.

Is your business ready for this step? Consider the following points, and then jump in!

Original Content

If you’re expecting clients to pay for access to your coaching, you must give them a reason to pay for those services. Original, regular content is a must-have.

Think of your area of expertise. Create topics that are relevant and useful. Running low on ideas? Think of questions your asked regularly or better yet, host a Q&A session.

When creating content, be original. Do your research, but be sure your content is your own. Look for topics not covered elsewhere (you want your clients to pay for your content, not to look for free advice elsewhere, which is easy to find on the internet!).


Much like “real-life” clients, your online clients are paying to access to you…their coach. This means you must make yourself available on a regular basis. This takes time but is absolutely necessary for a successful online coaching business through a pay-for-access site.

Take the time to field questions and respond personally on your message board and to inboxed messages. Provide insight and tips that solve specific questions and dilemmas. Online coaching is not a turnkey opportunity; serious effort is required for success.


Just like any business—possibly even more so—online coaching requires extensive creativity. Thinking outside of the box has never been more pertinent than in this situation.

Look for ways to vary your community, to stop it from falling into a rut. Post video content (which could not be easier than with a Social HubSite Pay-For-Access site), host online events. Whatever you decide, be creative.

Take this advice to heart and get started today. Your successful online coaching career is a few clicks away.

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