Branded, online, social communities matter. They’re what Social HubSite believes in and what sets many businesses apart from their competitors. They represent your mission, your values, your beliefs and every other part of what your company stands for.

Because of this, business communities also help boost and build brand credibility.

With today’s focus on local businesses coupled with consumer desires to be a part of something bigger…the greater good…credibility matters. In fact, recent studies continue to show the trend that consumers tend to do business with companies whose values align with their own.

Not sure of how to build your brand’s credibility among this audience? Keep reading and keep an open mind. Chances are, you’ll be able to get started in no time.

Allow Feedback

The idea behind a Social Hubsite is that brands should be able to engage, share and connect with their communities—with their clients, fans, employees and potential customers. The only way for this to be successful is to enable two-way communication.

By allowing your customers to visit your HubSite to leave feedback and to share their experiences, you’re creating an open-door effect. If a customer knows their comment will be heard, they’re more likely to share. AND if they know other customers can do the same, they can be sure the feedback they’re reading is legitimate, which makes them more likely to do business with your company or organization in the future. Feedback matters!


Sure, allowing feedback is an excellent first step…and Social HubSite platforms make this process easier than ever. But, you can do one better by taking the time to respond do your customers’ feedback.

Empathize and agree with what they have to say. Offer concrete resolutions or ways to contact you to correct any negative experiences. Thank those who take the time to leave positive feedback and comments!

Showing you care enough to respond can go a long way in today’s business world.

Post Stories

Keep your community active. Share recent successes, relevant news stories and customer testimonials.

Reward your community members for their loyalty; offer discounts and make product announcements to them first. Welcome new members by name.

Your efforts go a long way toward making your community an active place of growth that builds your brand’s long-term credibility…which goes a long way toward real-world success!

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