How to Write a Simple, Effective Fundraising Plan

Research has shown that one of the top indicators of fundraising success in a nonprofit organization is whether or not the organization has a fundraising plan.  It doesn’t matter what’s in that plan, simply having one leads to more effective fundraising, period.  This is because any plan, even a sub par one, will promote proactive […]

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The One Step You’re Missing that’s Critical for Increasing Usage Rates

All new initiatives can come with some form of frustration, this is especially true when it comes to trying to get your members – even key players – involved in a new online community or with a new product. It makes sense. People are busy. They have a lot to do, and over the past […]

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Why Your Membership Management System is Just the Beginning

How do you keep your membership active? How do you manage who’s in, who’s out and what’s coming next? If you’re like most associations, it all starts with your membership management system. Before the digital revolution, associations were responsible for keeping books, for tracking everything by hand, for calling members and sending letters when appropriate. […]

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5 Ways to Simplify Your Next Group Meeting

Meetings are hard. Meetings that run on schedule are even harder. Why? To keep your association running, it’s inevitable. From time to time, you need to meet with your members, and your member groups need to get together. Online communities are great, but quarterly or yearly meetings are fairly unavoidable. To add to the stress, […]

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Getting Your Committees on Board the Community Train

I’ve said it once…okay maybe a few times more than that…before, but here’s the thing: your committee members are BUSY. They likely spend a lot of time doing things that have nothing to do with your non-profit association – they work full time hours, they have families, they have favorite activities. The time they invest […]

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How do you Educate your Community?

  You’ve invited your committee members into your Social HubSite community because they are critical to the functioning of your non-profit association. They’re your bread and butter; they’re what keep your association moving forward in a cohesive manner. Because of this, you probably see education as last on your list of priorities…if it even makes […]

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