Negative Feedback: How to React

When setting up a forum to allow customers to leave support and feedback, you relinquish some control of your business. It can be frightening…but also rewarding. By allowing customers to leave feedback on your service or your products, you open yourself up to public opinion. You leave your business wide open, which can be reassuring […]

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In Some Cases: Privacy Matters

In today’s realm of social media, traditional sites break down walls daily as they pertain to privacy. With users sharing mundane daily details through 500 tweets a day, posting photos, status updates and checking in at every public location they happen to stop by, in many cases, privacy has gone by the wayside. While this […]

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Creating a Custom Social Community

Online communities are critical to the success of individuals, organizations and brands. However, choosing the community that’s right for you can be a difficult process. With so many options, finding the community that matches your purpose and reaches your target audience can be a maze. But, just because what you’re looking for isn’t obvious from […]

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4 Ways to Get People Talking

You have an online community…you understand the importance of regular posting, growth, engagement and all the other aspects that go into it. But…have you taken the time to evaluate your discussions? Are your members taking the time to reach out? To discuss meaningful topics that surround your brand or community’s purpose? If not, trouble could […]

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Remote Collaboration

Running a company is never easy…making that company a success can be even more of a challenge. That challenge is amplified when employees work remotely or at various offices, plants or general locations. Staying in contact, completing tasks on specific deadlines and understanding each employee’s role can be difficult when employees are not all together. […]

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Limitations of Traditional Online Discussions

Online discussions are important. They allow individuals from various demographics, locations and backgrounds to connect and share information over a similar topic, interest or area. However the traditional discussion board model comes inherent with limitations that prevent online discussions from being all they could be. Solo Network Model = Limited Participants Traditional discussion boards are […]

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