Building an Online Coaching Business: Are You Ready?

Coaches come in many forms…from life coaches to fitness and nutrition coaches, sometimes people just need a little push from someone else. Regardless of your area of specialty, as a coach one thing is certain: you are an expert in high demand. While your physical clients benefit from your expertise, your potential audience may be […]

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The 5 “R’s” of Monetizing Your Expertise

So, you have an area of expertise and content that supports it…something people would be interested in paying for? Somewhere along the line you may have thought about ways to turn this into a revenue model. With current pay-for-access platforms, doing so has never been easier. However, turning your expertise into revenue takes more than […]

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Online Community Software – How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right online community software is a critical decision in reaching your goals. Just to be clear, the purpose of your online community is to help you either prevent a problem or fulfill an opportunity. If you don’t approach it with that mindset, the results will be unclear and it will feel like a […]

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Create a Video Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a video blog is a crucial part of building a deeper relationship with your audience. It’s obvious that it brings a face to you and what it is that you have to share with the world or event just a specific group of people. In this post I am going to simply highlight 5 […]

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Create a Podcasting Blog to Quickly Build a Loyal Following Around Your Brand

You are bigger than your brand. A brand at its core level is a feeling someone gets when they see you, hear you and use your product or service. It’s shape around an experience. Outside of having a strong brand message, it is important to deliver that message to appeal to as many senses as […]

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Create a Video Blog that Builds Trust in Your Brand

The problem I find most organizations facing communicating online today is making an impact in an ever growing world of clutter in social media. According to, the average person receives 147 emails per day. Think of all of the time required to read through all of them, even if a good portion of them […]

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