A Headache-Proof Way to Schedule Meetings with Members

Whether your part of a committee, department or team, you know how much of a pain scheduling meetings can be. You know how it goes. You send out a calendar invite to say 10 people that should be in your meeting. You get notified every time someone RSVP’s, however the problem is some of the […]

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How to avoid ‘reply-by-all’ email hell and be more productive with your members

Problem: Solely relying on email as a form of communication with your membership causes an incredible inefficiency and increases the likelihood of miscommunication making it harder to achieve your mission. Situation: Reply by all email hell. We’ve all been there. If you’ve served on a committee of any kind, I’m sure you can relate. Email […]

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How to increase revenue by offering affiliate members an exclusive publishing opportunity

Problem: Associations have a hidden gem that can open up revenue streams quickly, but usually fail to exploit it. Situation: I’ve been a member of many associations in the past and really struggled with the concept of dropping 1K+ on a booth at a conference or sponsoring an event on top of whatever membership fee […]

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How to easily import your organization’s members to your Social HubSite

The value we provide goes deeper than what’s on the surface. One of these hidden values is the ability to scale up and engage an entire organization. Today we are going to explain some very important features that are available, by default, to all Social HubSite administrators. We we want to share some very easy methods to add members so that you can […]

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How to create and manage a referral program for your association

Here at Social HubSite, we believe that one of the best ways to grow and strengthen your organization is by having a good system in place to allow your current members attract like-minded individuals. Your Social HubSite is well equipped to provide you a hands off, easy to manage referral system. In this “how-to”, we are going […]

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Provide full-featured custom online courses using Social HubSite

Coursepress Pro is a tool that we’ve integrated with Social HubSite for you, so that you can have an entire suite of tools to create beautiful, feature rich training sessions for students. You’ll be able to manage students and multiple instructors with this tool. Your content can contain videos, tests, documents and more. You even have the option to […]

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