Extend the possibilities for your Wild Apricot members w/ collaboration tools available in Social HubSite

We realize all the benefits of managing your members and providing content on Wild Apricot. It’s a great platform. So, we’ve added a feature to Social HubSite, that will allow you to extend all of our features to all of your members, utilizing a single log-on! Now, you can combine all of our feature-rich tools with Wild Apricot, to improve […]

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How to Remove the Headache of Managing Committee Projects Using Social HubSite

Managing projects within a committee can be a real pain in the you know what. The committee probably meets on a regular basis. Someone takes notes. Members are assigned specific tasks. Then, everyone leaves the meeting and real life kicks in, shifting focus away from the great ideas and tasks that were shared during the meeting. Since […]

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How to create an incredible member sign up page using Social HubSite

Level: Moderate to Advanced Whether your building a private social network for your company, team or membership organization, there is one thing that is absolutely critical: focus. Members need to know the purpose of your online community. Members need to know what the community is going to do for them. What real benefit does it […]

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How to use Gamification to make a REAL impact on member value

Associations are facing a major challenge today. This challenge is centered around obtaining the conscious awareness of members and keeping them motivated to participate over time. As you know, failing to keep members motivated and participating has a major domino effect that ultimately leads to increased member attrition

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