5 Signs of a Thriving Online Community

Have you been working on building your online community for awhile now? Wondering if it’s going like it should? What are your metrics? Are you going by what “feels” right? How about how your community compares to similar communities? Something else entirely? If you’re just going by your gut, you’re not alone. In fact, measuring […]

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It’s not all “social” with your online member community

I work directly with many organizations to manage their online member community. The one thing that is consistent from organization to organization is that members value social interaction differently. For some associations, focus on increased social activity is a good thing. For others, it’s definitely NOT a factor that members value. The goal with any online community for […]

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Design Thinking: A Team Sport Your Association is Ready to Play

In a previous article, we offered a brief introduction to the concept and steps used in Design Thinking, while encouraging associations to consider using this method to create new non-dues revenue opportunities, as well as improve the member experience and their overall engagement.  In this post, we’d like to take that base concept a little […]

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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Association’s Digital Community

You’ve decided that a social digital community is right for your association. You understand the benefits it will bring to both your association and its members. Most importantly, you’re excited to get things started. Great. You’re on the right track. But, here’s the thing. Your association members might not be quite as excited as you. […]

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3 Ways to Get Your Association Membership to Participate Immediately

In the past 10 years of working with associations, I’ve discovered one major flaw in the way they try to spark immediate member participation. This leads to members that only sit on your membership list, until one day they decide to leave because they “just didn’t have the time” or “didn’t really see the value […]

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What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Means to Your Association

Unless you’ve been living under a icy rock in Antarctica for the past month, you’ve probably heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I started hearing about it about a month from the time I’m writing this, but it didn’t really set in until I saw a few good friends on Facebook dump a bucket […]

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