The Content You Needed Yesterday

Developing good content takes time. It’s time that for most of us just doesn’t seem to exist. It’s obvious that if we create awesome content for our brand community it will help build trust and attract new customers and fans. Unless your position is centered around developing content for your blog or community, it becomes […]

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Why Word-of-Mouth and Online Review Are Still Important

The infographic below demonstrates why word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews are still important for consumers in the buying decision. An important statistic that you will find here is that 58% of consumers trust a business based on a positive review. The infographic was found on HubSpot and provided by Marketing Tech Blog.

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How Marketers Are Using Social Media

The infographic below shows you how most marketers are using social media to promote their businesses. You’ll see where marketing dollars are being invested and where the marketing focus is being placed. This infographic was found at HubSpot and provided by World View Editing.

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How LinkedIn Works for Professionals and Companies

The infographic below gives you a solid overview of exactly how LinkedIn works for professionals and companies. It helps make sense of this monster of a professional social network. The infographic was found at HubSpot and provided by Infographic Labs.

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How Marketing Has Evolved to Where It Is Today

The infographic below is provided by HubSpot and provides you with a detailed view of how marketing evolved to where it is today.  It really makes you think how much has changed in just the past 5 years.

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Outsource or Hire In House Marketing Department

The infographic below will help guide you to determine if you should outsource your marketing activities or hire a marketing team in house. The infographic was found originally at HubSpot and is provided by Mavenlink. Hire or Contract your Marketing Department?

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