Interview w/ Chad Barger: How to Avoid Meetings & Maximize Those You Can’t

Non-profits need to be extremely careful when it comes to how they allocate their time and resources. Too many times, non-profits get stuck in unnecessary staff meetings or email strings that take away from valuable time with potential donors. Knowing how to decided when meeting are necessary, and, when they aren’t, can been the difference […]

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How to Grow Your Membership through a Member Ambassador Program

Growing your membership and increasing revenue doesn’t have to be a hard task. As a matter of fact, it could be the easiest thing you do as an association. You provide value. You have existing members that understand that value. By implementing a member ambassador (referral) program you can exponentially grow your membership without spending […]

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What does marketing automation mean for your association?

Associations face a major problem when it comes to growth. Limited time and limited resources. Software can help augment tasks to save time, but when you start using multiple systems to get things done it can get expensive and can actually take more time to manage. Think about importing and exporting your member database from […]

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It’s not all “social” with your online member community

I work directly with many organizations to manage their online member community. The one thing that is consistent from organization to organization is that members value social interaction differently. For some associations, focus on increased social activity is a good thing. For others, it’s definitely NOT a factor that members value. The goal with any online community for […]

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How to use Gamification to make a REAL impact on member value

Associations are facing a major challenge today. This challenge is centered around obtaining the conscious awareness of members and keeping them motivated to participate over time. As you know, failing to keep members motivated and participating has a major domino effect that ultimately leads to increased member attrition

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Associations: A Template for Monetizing Your Online Community

Recently, on Associations Connect, I published a new template that associations can use to monetize their online community. Today I’m going to share that with you. First, I want to touch on a few things to get you thinking about the real opportunity that exists to use your online community as a monetization vehicle for […]

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