Whether you’re new to Social HubSite or have been with us, creating websites, for awhile, you’re probably aware of the most critical aspect of the website creation process: choosing the theme that will best fit your needs.

And, you’d be right. Your theme dictates what your site will look and feel like, the user experience your visitors will have and the basic functionality behind your site (which can always be updated with new plugins and features, but that’s for a different post).

When you’re working within Social HubSite and you’re asked to choose a theme (whether it’s a preset, fully loaded and ready-to-go theme or a basic template that you plan to work within), there are three things to consider to get started:

1- Navigation.

Look for a navigation structure that fits the feel you’re looking for. Some themes offer multi-level navigation options, while one only have a primary. Make sure your tab options will fit within the navigation and that users will be able to find what they’re looking for quickly, without having to search around. The more accessible your site is, the more likely your visitors will stay.

2- Home Page Display/Layout

Each theme within Social HubSite provides different options that will work best for different site types (e-commerce options, basic blogs, scheduling sites, etc.). Before you choose a layout, think of the reason you’re creating your site in the first place. Base your decision off of that. If you’d like large graphic displays, make sure your theme allows for it. Your display is one of the most important aspects of your theme choice.

3- Sidebar and Column Options

Chances are you want to be able to customize each and every page…that it won’t be a cookie cutter site that stays stagnant from one page to the next. For this reason, you want to check out the sidebar and column options for the theme you choose. Look at customization options and the way you can modify each page. This is a way for you to get creative, even within a preloaded theme.

If you’re not sure which theme would work best for the site you’d like to create, talk to a Social HubSite team member today. We’re here to make your experience positive and your websites a success. We have experience working with members with a wide variety of goals and can help you find the best theme for your site.

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