Clubs and Associations have 2 major challenges. The first, developing an efficient and effective communication system with its members. The second, fundraising. The good news is that these two challenges can be solved with one solution.

For Clubs and Associations, a Social HubSite becomes that one place to organize communication with members. Think events. Think groups (i.e. committees in this case). Think member recruitment. It becomes that purpose-driven place where members go to get a pulse for what’s going on in the organization.

Here are a few images to give you an idea:

Example: Member Communication


Example: Groups


Example: Recruiting New Members


It’s obvious that this type of environment is perfect for keeping everyone on the same page within your club or association. Now the next question is, how do you fundraise through this type of online community?

Let’s first start by thinking of the environment you just created. So imagine, you have all your members in your Social HubSite and they are using it on a regular basis. This type of environment is valuable for other organizations that are trying to reach your members. For example, let’s say you are a member of a running club. It makes sense for a local sporting goods store to reach local runners. So if your running club has a Social HubSite, wouldn’t it make sense for that local sporting goods store to sponsor your online community?

Ok, so now that I think I’ve sold the concept, let’s discuss how to streamline the sponsorship process. The good news is that it is extremely simple with Social HubSite.

Step 1: Hover over “Admin Options” and click on “Site – Sponsorship Options”


Step 2: Edit payment settings (e.g. add your Pay Pal email)


Step 3: Click on “Design – Sidebar Widgets”


Step 4: Drag the sponsorship widget to the Page and Activity sidebars (so it shows on every page of the site)


Step 5: Sponsors can click on “Become a Sponsor” and follow through with their ad setup


Step 6: Sponsors can confirm, pay and once approved, will be posted on the site automatically.


This process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to setup. Now your club or association will be generating revenue from sponsors without the extra headache of managing the sponsorship process.

So think of good sponsors for your organization. Trade vendors. Local grocery stores. Loyal followers. There are people and organizations around you right now than can help support your organization. And it makes sense for them to do so. Why not create a place to help your organization communicate better while generating new revenue in the process.

If you have questions or would like us to help your organization setup and run your Social HubSite, please contact us.



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