Associations Cartoon

The cartoon above by Amanda Kaiser illustrates a common problem that many associations are currently facing – especially well-established associations that have been around for some time. We’ve seen it time and time again here at Social HubSite.

The situation is this: your members’ environments are changing. They have less money to work with and bigger expenditures. Their competition is growing rapidly. Their resources are shrinking. They’re faced with new technology and don’t know where to start. They’re overworked, overstressed and unsure of what lies ahead. They’re looking for community, but not community based on status. Instead, they’re looking for community that shares their concerns and can commiserate, that can work together to find solutions and to overcome the problems that are mentioned in the cartoon, along with hundreds of others.

As an association manager, your options are the two that are illustrated above: do nothing and wait for the inevitable end, OR, find a new way to adapt – to help your members through the difficult times and to walk beside them as they come out on top.

We get it; that’s why we created Social HubSite. After our own experiences in association management and after hearing from our customers, we realized that the need for an online community that is a simple place to engage, share and connect is great.

This is where your Social HubSite community comes into play. By creating a centralized location to post articles, to start conversations and to discuss the issues your members are facing, you’re easing the difficulties associated with the problem illustrated above while partnering with your members through the tough times. By starting conversations, you’re allowing your members to connect, creating a gateway full of introductions that are more important and helpful than any standard – and dated – networking event.

And it all happens inside your community. Do you see the value that these connections could add to your members? If you’ve been looking for a way to connect your members like never before, it’s here, it’s easy and it’s available. What are you waiting for?

The bottom line is that it all starts with you. Have you taken the time to explore our association demo? Have you created and launched your own Social HubSite? If not, the time to act is now. Have questions? Ask. We’re as excited as you are about taking your association to the next level starting today.


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