Do you see content as a challenge? As something that’s important but difficult? Something you’re likely to give up on…or already have? You’re not alone.

While searching the Web this morning, I came across this infographic and realized something big…that even professional marketers – those who make it their living to promote brands and information – struggle with content creation. I quickly realized that I was not alone in my own struggle, or the struggles of Social HubSite members.

The top challenges?

  • The time crunch,
  • The labor (especially mental labor),
  • Gathering responses,
  • Difficulty finding sources for content, and
  • Trouble finding sources for statistics and other data.

While it’s difficult, the infographic below shows that 69% of companies still continue in their pursuits. However, when the difficulties become the focus, content is less likely to be regular, and less likely to be as useful as it could be.

The answer? Content streaming. For professionals in certain industries, Social HubSite has created content streams that all members can use to reach their members on a regular basis. Interested in learning more? Try it out today!


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