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Real estate is a competitive market. As an experienced agent, you know this. What’s the number one way to stay on top or make it there? A solid referral program that allows you to build relationships with potential clients long before they ever need your services. The problem? Finding the time to make it happen while standing out.

You probably use a variety of mediums to reach out. From postcard mailings of recent sales to e-mail reminders and yearly calendars with magnets for the fridge, you try everything you can to stay at the front of the minds of individuals who could use to you to buy or sell a house. You have to, your livelihood depends on it. But, once again, a balance must be struck. You don’t have the time to think through and create content that stands out because you’re busy working hard to provide current clients with the best results possible. It’s a busy career that knows nothing about “8-hour workdays” and “weekends off.” In fact, you probably find yourself on the go most of the time.

This is why your current scheme probably looks a lot like that of your competition. This is not a knock on you, what choice do you have? To be a success in the here and now, you’ve got to be on the go. But, this creates an interesting circumstance for the future based on unknowns. Chances are that you use the templates your agency makes available to you that has the same messages every other real estate agent you work with or near is using. There’s nothing to truly set you apart. At least, there hasn’t been…until now.

Social HubSite understands the importance of targeted messaging. Finding a way to reach specific target markets is our specialty, it’s what we’ve spent years working on and is something we continue to research on a daily basis. We get it.

That’s why we’ve created a content stream especially for our real estate agent members. By signing up with Social HubSite, you have the option of subscribing to a content stream that sends out weekly e-mails to your list (that can be changed and updated whenever necessary). We’ll make sure your clients receive engaging content that informs them about the market, trends, tips and general information that’s relevant to their current or future needs. To put it simply, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re interested in taking the stress out of content marketing while really standing out in your field, leave it to us. Sign up today, upload your logo and list, and leave the rest to us. It’s that easy…really.

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