As a social media professional, you understand the importance of blogging. It provides a way to stay in constant contact with clients while reminding them of your services. It’s probably something you recommend to your clients on a regular basis.

What may be hard to understand is the push-back you may receive. Below are a few reasons to suggest Social HubSite’s video blog platform as a solution for your social media clients.

Saves Time

Writing doesn’t come easy to everyone. In fact, to some it can be an arduous task that literally takes hours to produce a single blog post. What’s easier for most people? Talking.

Talking comes naturally to most people…so, asking your clients to speak about a topic that’s relevant to their business is like asking them to speak about something they’re passionate about…something that matters to them and also to their clients. This means it’s a task that can take minutes instead of hours. Time saving is always an advantage!

Easier Than Ever

Forget setting up the video equipment, downloading files and saving them to a folder on the computer. Social HubSite’s video blogging platform pulls everything into one step.

Users are able to record, post and share in one step within their Social HubSite. Even the most computer illiterate client will be able to rapidly learn to use the video blogging platform on their own. Keeping it simple is always best.

Personal Touch

Your clients may feel as though it’s difficult to put their own personal spin on the pieces they create. Video blogging solves the dilemma in a snap.

Putting a face and a voice behind web text allows users to feel connected…this is a way to set your clients apart from their competition.

In many situations, video blogging may be a great solution for your clients. Check out Social HubSite’s video blogging platform to learn more today.

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