Social media is important for businesses. It helps spread your message and reach people that might be overlooked by traditional marketing techniques. But, as we’ve discussed before, it comes with limitations. Because of this, a custom social network for your business might be the way to go. With the technology available to you through, you could build your own social network.


Limitations of Traditional Social Media for Businesses


We’ve hit on it before, but that’s because it’s important to us. Far too often, businesses rely on Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to reach out to target audiences. They think that by setting up a profile, posting a few pictures and updating statuses now and then, that they’re going to see tremendous success. This is probably not the case.


Social networks are meant to distract. When a user logs in (if it happens to be at the same time that you post a status and your status happens to appear on their news feed), you have a chance of getting your message across. But, at the same time your message is streaming, so are friends’ statuses and photos, comments, conversations, “like” notifications, event invites and even other businesses contests and messages. So…at this point, what are the odds that your message will stand out?


It’s not a promising outlook, but it’s true. Traditional social networks are a great idea for businesses, but they shouldn’t be relied upon to provide free marketing…maybe a boost at best,


Why Build Your Own Social Network?


This is where building your own social network may come into play.


By building your own social network, you’re creating a distraction-free zone where your target audience can log in to learn about what you have to offer, to read your messages, and to connect with you on ways that can’t be achieved elsewhere.


If you’ve become frustrated with traditional social media, it’s time to build your own network.


Features of a Custom Social Network


Social HubSite offers themes to our members that make it easy to set up a social network. Features that can be incorporated include:


  • Live messaging
  • Friend requesting
  • Social media profiles
  • E-commerce options
  • User auto-importing
  • E-newsletter integration
  • Linking options for traditional social media sites
  • News Feeds and Walls
  • Private messaging, and more.

If you’ve become frustrated with traditional social media, perhaps you’ve thought about creating your own social network. Maybe the prospect has seemed overwhelming…it doesn’t have to. Visit today to get started. Your business may depend upon it!

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