You are bigger than your brand. A brand at its core level is a feeling someone gets when they see you, hear you and use your product or service. It’s shape around an experience. Outside of having a strong brand message, it is important to deliver that message to appeal to as many senses as possible. The more you can apply to all of their senses with a brand message that is relevant to them, the better changes of creating a deeper impact you will make with every person you reach. Also, the longer people are exposed to your content, the better chance they have of establishing a relationship with you. It’s the secret behind the most successful brands in the world.

One way to start building tapping into the senses and building a loyal following from those around you is to create a podcasting blog. A podcast is simply an audio recording made on the web that can be listened to directly and possibly downloaded. A podcasting blog is a place to share your podcasts with people visiting the site. The advantage of a podcasting blog is that it doesn’t require the viewer to be on your site while consuming the content, thus giving you a longer period of time to keep their attention.

Many people will click play on the podcast player and listen to your content in the background. This allows you to elaborate a bit further on your thoughts and ideas. Even if they don’t fully comprehend everything you are covering in your podcast, they are sub-consciously forming a relationship with you. From there they will start to associate a sense of trust which is the cornerstone of building influence which gets them to take action.

Below is an example of a podcast added to a blog post:

Here are some other advantages to create a podcasting blog:

  • Spend less time publishing content
  • Greater impact with your listeners
  • Increased social media sharing
  • Establish yourself and your organization as an authority in your industry

A common question I get is “How is creating a podcasting blog better than creating a video blog”. My answer to this is to integrate both of them into your blog. Create a shorter video and a longer podcast. This will give your visitor options which ultimately I feel is the best way to go. I usually recommend writing a short blurb about your topic and couple that with a short video and a podcast. This will assure that search engines pick up the written content on the page while keeping your viewer there longer with the video and podcast content.

To conclude, when you create a podcasting blog for yourself or organization, you are going to start to build a loyal following around you and your brand.

Consider trying our video and podcasting blog platform. This particular platform brings all of the video and podcasting tools into one integrated system saving you the time and money involved in trying to run it by yourself.

What are your thoughts or questions on podcasting blogs? I want to hear your thoughts on this.

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