Social networks are no longer just for large companies. Popular social networks offer a great networking opportunity outside of your brand, but don’t necessary offer the opportunity to harness the focus, time and attention you need to attract your ideal customers and fans. Think about the kind of person that you want to attract to your brand, idea or concept. How much time do they really spend on large social networking sites? What do they value with their time?

When you create a social network for your own brand you have more control to gain the focus, time and attention of the people you want to attract to your brand. For example, here at Social HubSite we developed (i.e. also known as to attract people in the digital media world to engage, share and connect. Everything with the social network is designed to attract our target audience for Social HubSite. Everything we do to engage members inside of this social network helps to keep our brand in the top of their minds.

When it comes to promoting a product or service, you will have a much better shot of seeing results. For example, if you have done a great job in engaging members in your company social network, when you send an email promotion for new product or service offering, the open, click through rates and conversions will be higher.

As a member of Social HubSite, you can create a social network for your brand in a matter of seconds using our turnkey platforms. Currently, we have 2 turnkey platforms that allow you to either create public or private social network. Below are steps to get started.

Steps to Create a Social Network on Social HubSite:

  1. Go to your “Dashboard”
  2. Click on “Create a Website”
  3. Choose either “Open Social Network” or “Private Social Network”
  4. Click “Create Social HubSite”

 Create a Social Network

That’s it. All of the basics in your social network will automatically be configured for you. That’s the beauty of using our turnkey platforms. You can just hit the ground running. The best part is as a member of Social HubSite you can create as many social networks as you need. You can also customize your social network with additional tools and integrations.

If you are not already a member of Social HubSite, click here to get started.

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