Creating a video blog is a crucial part of building a deeper relationship with your audience. It’s obvious that it brings a face to you and what it is that you have to share with the world or event just a specific group of people. In this post I am going to simply highlight 5 easy steps to create a video blog without spending a ton of time in doing so.

5 Easy Steps to Create a Video Blog:

  1. Get a webcam. Most webcams are built into computing devices now, but if you don’t have one or want a better, I would recommend going to Below is the the webcam that I use. It shoots in HD and has an excellent audio pick-up. For the price, I think think it is an excellent investment.

  2. Create your video blog. I recommend choosing a video blogging platform that integrates all of your recording tools, email marketing tools, email subscriber tools and other necessary tools in communicating your message into one place. This is the exact reason why this is a 5 step setup process instead of a 10 step setup process 🙂 In the long run this will save you a ton of time. Remember, your time is your most valuable asset. Our video blogging platform will take care of this for you.
  3. Add email subscribers. If you already have an opt-in email list, be sure to add them into your video blog so they will be notified when you create a new video post. Simple idea, but this often gets overlooked in the beginning.
  4. Choose your topics and delivery frequency. This is one of the most critical steps. First, decide what you want to cover and make a point of putting when you plan on publishing new video blog posts. The key here is to be consistent. Even if you post a new video once per week
  5. Create your first video blog post. In your first video, be sure to include what your audience can expect in future posts. Remember to be real. Don’t read from a script. To goal is to make the connection with your audience. The more they can relate with you the more likely they will be in becoming loyal followers.

That’s it. As you can see this should not be a complicated process. The more time you spend dealing with micro-processes in the process of shooting, uploading, posting and notifying subscribers, the less likely you will be consistent, especially when you have limited time or budget. That’s why choosing the right video blogging platform is extremely important in the beginning.

What questions do you have in starting a video blog?

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