Digital distractions are everywhere – not just online – and they affect the way your customers interact with your brand. In fact, they determine whether your customers even have a chance to interact with your brand or not in the first place.

The infographic above makes this painfully clear. From smartphones becoming a necessity for daily life, to emails that pour in throughout each day, multiple social networking sites (that notify smartphones when there is an update, creating another distraction in and of itself), online searching, online shopping and even reading what’s happening in the outside world, actual work falls to the bottom of the pyramid.

While this is a negative for you as a business owner or employer in regard to your employees, it can be a positive in regard to reaching your target demographic.

Your mission? Become a part of the distraction pyramid for the market that you are trying to reach and to engage.  Social HubSite believes that the more you engage, the higher on the pyramid you’ll climb. You want to become a part of your target market’s routine, a place they come when they are looking for distractions or to fulfill one of the aforementioned priorities.

By creating content that’s relevant, interacting with your followers (inside of a branded social community) and putting an ongoing effort into your own online activities, you’ll start to engage your market, leading to higher lead generation and conversion rates across the board.

Sound simple? It is. Become a part of the digital distraction and you’ll create loyal brand ambassadors in no time. The pyramid doesn’t have to be a detriment; instead, look at it as an opportunity. Your goal is to top it for each of your customers and potential customers.


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