The value we provide goes deeper than what’s on the surface. One of these hidden values is the ability to scale up and engage an entire organization. Today we are going to explain some very important features that are available, by default, to all Social HubSite administrators. We we want to share some very easy methods to add members so that you can provide your entire organization access to all of the wonderful features available here!

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate two methods for importing members. The first method is by going directly to your Social HubSite’s dashboard and adding the email addresses of the users that you wish to invite. The second method is to supply a .csv spreadsheet with all of the new users and all of their details. The .csv method can be useful if you have a large quantity of members to add or members with different roles or more detailed information.

Import your members by providing email addresses:

  1. Begin by logging into your Social Hubsite’s dashboard. Then on the left panel, hover “Members” and click on “Import Members”. Import-Members-1
  2. On this screen, you will import the members using the following instructions
    1. In the first text area, fill in the email addresses of the new members that you’d like to add. Be sure to enter the emails in separate lines as the picture below shows.
    2. Choose the roll that these members will have. (If you are importing members with different rolls, you must do separate imports for each roll using this method.)
    3. Edit the automatically generated Email content if desired.
    4. Click “Import Members”.Import-Members-2
  3. The new members will receive an email with their login details, similar to this:Import-Members-3
  4. That’s all there is to adding members. You can view information about your new members by clicking on the “All Members” option under “Members” on the left pane.Import-Members-4


How to import your members via a .csv spreadsheet:

If you have many members that you’d like to add, it may be more convenient to import your members using a spreadsheet.

  1. First, create your .csv file using the following format for the columns: username,password,email,role,firstname,lastname,website Import-Members-5Please note that the format is very important. The import will fail if the format is incorrect! It is possible to leave some fields blank, if you do not have the information. However, the order of the columns must remain the same.
  2. From your Social HubSite’s dashboard, hover “Members” and click “Add Multiple Users”.Import-Members-6
  3. On the next page, some general information about this plugin is included. It’s a good idea to read over it. Next, click the “Settings” button.Import-Members-12
  4. In the settings menu there are many options that can be set. One important option to decide on is if you want to send a registration email to the new users that you import. You can also customize the email that is sent. At the bottom of the page there is detailed information about each option. When you are finished updating the settings, click the “Save Options” button. Import-Members-13
  5. Next, click the “CSV/TXT Upload button”.Import-Members-7
  6. Next, click the “Choose File” button and open the .csv file that you wish to import. Then click the “Upload File” button.Import-Members-8
  7. Click the “Create User Information Form”.  This will take the information from your .csv file and display it in a nice form, so you can double check it before creating the users. Alternatively, you can click “Skip Form and Add Users” if you are confident that your information is correct. It is also recommended to use the skip form option if you have more than 100 members to import.Import-Members-9
  8. The next screen is the user information form. Here you can review the information to make sure it is correct and modify it, if necessary. If all of the information is correct. Click “Add All Users”.Import-Members-10
  9. Now your members have been added. You can click “All Members” to view the new members that you have added. Import-Members-11

As you can see, it’s easy to add your organization’s members to Social HubSite without too much effort. If you have any questions, please leave a reply below or contact us and we will be glad to help!

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