Your last association member or board meeting – be it last week, last month, last quarter or last year – was a huge success. Great ideas were shared. Meaningful conversations were had. Members interacted and excitement was built with strong ideas to take home and implement to take your association to the next level. Your association had one of those “mountaintop” experiences.

Then, your members went home.

Life took over. Businesses became the most important aspect of the day-to-day routine. Somewhere in there, your association and all of the excitement that was built at the last meeting, got buried. The mountaintop turned into a valley. Your numbers stayed the same, the interaction ceased and nothing changed.

This is an all-too-common scenario.

But, you can make it change. By effectively using your online, digital community, you can ensure that that fervor remains. It might come down a few notches when the meeting ends, but you can keep your members engaged and on-point during the time that you’re not physically in front of them. Check out the steps below.

  1. Look at what others are doing right.

Your ideas don’t have to be brand new, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Look around at what’s making other communities thrive. Run a few searches. Recently, Mariner Marketing (@peggyhoffman) released an excellent list of bright ideas to kick start your new year. There are hundreds of example of online communities thriving; take a look at what they’re doing and take a few key points back to your community.

  1. Create questions.

What were some of your more poignant discussions about during your last association meeting? What do you want members to put more thought into? Create follow-up questions and post them in your community for discussion. This will keep members thinking in the right direction and spark new discussions.

  1. Post critical documents in your community.

Have important board documents and minutes that your members will need to reference after your meeting concludes? Post them in your community. By giving them a reason to come back to your community, you’re ensuring that some focus remains on objectives and past discussions.

  1. Call out key discussion leaders

Did anyone raise great points during the meeting? Call them out in your community to elaborate more. Thank individual members by name. The more personal, the better.

  1. Share video casts of the meeting.

It’s a given, not every member can attend every meeting. Share videos of the seminars and discussions that took place to make everyone feel included…this means that all members can take part in discussions, not just those that were in attendance.

  1. Offer training based on meeting discussions.

Did something come up during the meeting that seemed to be a great hit among members? Will it require training of some sort (professional development, enrichment, etc)? Consider offering that training online. The more available your make member benefits – like training sessions – the more likely your members are to utilize your community.

  1. Use your community to plan the next meeting.

Ask questions about the meeting itself, the venue, the events that were held during the meeting if it was a longer weekend or week-long event the vendors (if applicable). Find out what was a hit and what wasn’t. Take member thoughts and opinions to heart. If they feel like they’re being heard, they’re more likely to utilize your community on a regular basis and more likely to engage going forward.

Your online digital community is an excellent place for ideas to happen, for engagement to take place and for members to feel connected. It’s also an excellent way to keep those mountaintops going, propelling your association toward future growth and possibility.

Ready to get started? Ready to really connect? Sign up for a live demo today. We’re happy to share how Social HubSite can enhance your membership experience and unite your association as a community.

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