It’s a crazy time of year. Nothing can take away from that statement. But, that doesn’t mean your content marketing, community engagement and social media efforts need to slide. In fact, the craziness can be a motivator. Think about it, at no other point in the year are customers looking for specific products and services on a more frequent basis than right now. It’s time to hone in on your marketing strategy and to make the most of what’s happening in the world around you…especially online.

Think Back

Think back over your past week. Consider the following questions.

  • Did I make social networking a part of my daily operations?
  • Did I make an effort to connect with my target demographic?
  • Did I respond to every message or inquiry my blog or social media accounts received?
  • Did I send out at least one blog post?
  • Did I monitor my e-mail marketing efforts to measure success?

The answer to each of these questions should be yes. If not, no worries, you have next week to make a change.

Think Small Steps

The most successful companies with an online presence are those who take that presence seriously, who understand the potential that solid online marketing  strategy can bring to any company. But, the questions above don’t need to be overwhelming. Think of them as benchmark questions to ask on a weekly basis…make changes from there.

Social marketing and content blogging do not have to be company overhauls…efforts that take away from other practices and limit what can be done in a single day. They can be small steps taken over a certain period of time that lead to big results.

If your online marketing is struggling, acknowledge it and move on. Start with something simple, a ready-to-use blog with a post (created by you or a content marketing team-built into the product) that goes out on a weekly basis. That’s it…just one post a week. It doesn’t have to be a monster challenge.

From there, connect that blog to your other social media steps. That’s right, it can be automated. Maximum potential reach with minimal efforts. Slowly try to increase your online presence.

It doesn’t have to be a frustration, or even much of a challenge. In fact, social media marketing can be an enjoyable, exciting way to reach a specific market while helping to build your brand’s online presence.

But, it all starts with you. Are you ready to take an honest look at your past week? To ask a few questions and to build a strategy from there? If so, we’re ready to work with you. Sign up for Social HubSite today and watch your online marketing efforts bring real results. It all starts now.

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