We realize all the benefits of managing your members and providing content on Wild Apricot. It’s a great platform. So, we’ve added a feature to Social HubSite, that will allow you to extend all of our features to all of your members, utilizing a single log-on! Now, you can combine all of our feature-rich tools with Wild Apricot, to improve the value and capabilities to all of your members, seamlessly.

In this how to guide, I’m going to show you how to add a login button so that you can provide exclusive access to your Wild Apricot members. You’ll be able to add a login to Wild Apricot button to any page on your Social HubSite. I’ll show you how to restrict your content. You’ll be able to choose which kinds of Wild Apricot members get access to this content.

How to Enable Wild Apricot Members to Log into and use Social HubSite:

  1. Log into Social Hubsite and go to the dashboard, then hover “Add-on Features” and click “AMS Integrations”.Step 1 Picture
  2. Scroll down, find the “Wild Apricot Login” feature and click “Activate”Step 2 Picture
  3. From the dashboard, hover “Settings” and click “Wild Apricot Login”.Step 3 Picture
  4. To fill in the settings, you must go the Wild Apricot site and get the information from your account:
    1. Open another browser window to your Wild Apricot dashboard, hover “Settings” and click “Security”.Step 4.1 Picture
    2. Click “Authorized Applications”.Step 4.2 Picture
    3. Click the “Authorize application” button.Step 4.3 Picture
    4. Click the “WordPress” radio button and then click the “Continue” button.Step 4.4 Picture
    5. Locate the “API Key”, “Client ID”, and the “Client secret”. Copy and paste these into your Social HubSite’s “Wild Apricot Login Settings”.Step 4.5 Picture
    6. On the Wild Apricot page, enter your Social HubSite url into the “trusted redirect domains” textbox and then click the “Save” button.Step 4.6 Picture
  5. From the Wild Apricot Login Settings, click the “Save changes” button and then click the “Update” button to enter all of the previously entered Wild Apricot information and make the connection from your Social Hubsite to Wild Apricot.Step 5 Picture
  6. Now your Wild Apricot members are linked to Social HubSite. The last thing to do is to provide a login button for your members. From the dashboard, click “Pages” and click “Edit” on the page that you wish to add your Wild Apricot login button.Step 6 Picture
  7. Add the login button shortcode to your page. Copy and paste the following shortcode text: [wa_login login_label=”Login” logout_label=’Logout’ redirect_page=”/”] Then, click “Update” (or “Publish” if it’s a new page). This will add a button to your page.Step 7 Picture

Now that your Wild Apricot members are allowed to log into your Social Hubsite. You can now provide all of the rich features that Social HubSite offers! You can add restricted content to a page that your Wild Apricot members can view. You can restrict the information to your member’s Membership levels. You just need to add the short code to the pages you wish to restrict (explained below).

Example and explanation of Shortcode:

[wa_restricted roles=”Employee” message=”Log on to view restricted content.”]Place your restricted content here! [/wa_restricted]

Update the roles variable to the Wild Apricot membership levels that you wish to give access to. You can use more than one membership level by separating them with a comma. You can use “all” to include all members or you can use “not:insert_membership_level_here” to include all levels except one.

Update the message that members without login credentials will see when they go to the page.

That’s it! Give it a try.

Here’s an example of what it will look like once you’re all finished:

Wild Apricot Login

If you have any issues, please contact our team or leave a reply below!

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