Phase 2 Solutions

Phase 2 Solutions is a Harrisburg, PA-based online marketing company specializing in providing online community solutions to various individuals and organization.

Because of the nature of online marketing, Phase 2 Solutions works regularly with numerous clients at one time and is comprised of employees working remotely (across the country at some times).

To stay efficient and to ensure customer satisfaction, Phase 2 Solutions needed an online community solution that provided project management options as well as group collaboration tools. Lacking a way to maintain regular communication based around client needs, Phase 2 Solutions approached Social HubSite for a solution.

Based on this, Social HubSite’s “Private Group Collaboration” tool was launched. With tools like a group calendar, live discussions, a community calendar and real-time e-mail notification options, the private collaboration theme provided a sense of connection and efficiency that could not be found elsewhere.

Phase 2 Solutions immediately implemented the Social HubSite. Not only did the theme provide cost-savings from more traditional project management systems, it increased efficiency immediately.

After using Social HubSite as a new form of group, long-distance collaboration, Phase 2 Solutions saw immediate results. Client satisfaction increased along with the actual number of clients. Phone time decreased as instant online communication became available.

Phase 2 Solutions has seen immediate results and growth as a result of Social HubSite’s Private Group Collaboration theme. If your organization is looking for a way to efficiently manage projects while staying connected remotely, this theme is right for you.

Looking for a custom theme? Fill out our custom theme form today. We look forward to working with you.

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