Professional Referral Exchange (PRE) is a national business referral organization headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The organization’s mission is to practice business networking between members. Each member assists other member businesses by providing referrals on a regular basis, which ensures mutual success. PRE consists of 37 chapters. Each chapter meets on a weekly basis.

PRE faced a challenge and approached Social HubSite for a custom solution. Outside of the weekly meetings, members lacked communication. Because of PRE not being an easily accessible network, many opportunities were lost as members were not reminded of other members’ businesses throughout the week.

Based on this challenge, Social HubSite created and launched a “Social Community” platform that would allow PRE (and other civic clubs, non-profits, charitable and religious organizations) to create a private social network with an online “hub” for their members. Each chapter operates as a separate community under the over-arching “PRE Social HubSite” network.

From its launch, saw immediate network activity. Various chapters added new members within the first week. Each member was able to create a profile, allowing them to access various publishing tools, message boards, private inboxes along with video and social sharing options. M

Because of, PRE members are able to communicate regularly, outside of weekly meetings in a purpose-driven, brand-focused environment focused on PRE’s mission.

Betty Diller, President of PRE has nothing but praise for what Social HubSite has brought to her organization:

“I believe will create more interest in the PRE Organization.  Our biggest challenge is members not thinking of fellow members throughout the week and then coming to a meeting without a referral.  PRE’s Social HubSite will engage members and make PRE cutting edge.  No other business referral organization wants to create cross chapter interaction.  We promote it.  That is why we have loyal members some of whom give hundreds of referrals in one year.  The Social HubSite gives our members added value for their membership.  I am pleased and delighted to have Social HubSite in PRE.”

Other membership organizations interested in a custom Social HubSite network should contact us today. By creating a network, organizations are able to provide their members with benefits that cannot be found elsewhere while bringing focus back to their brand, mission and message. To see a working example, visit today.


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